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About you

Please tell us a bit about yourself and work situation.

Where do you work, and in what industry? How long have you been in that job for?

Working weekends, evenings and public holidays

Tell us about the hours you work and why?

Do you work unsociable hours, such as evenings, weekends or public holidays? Why? What is the impact on you of working such hours? How do the penalty rates you receive for working such hours help you to make ends meet?

The impact of a penalty rates cut

What would be the impact on you if your penalty rates were abolished or cut?

Employer groups in retail and hospitality, as well as a growing list of coalition MPs want to cut penalty rates, especially the rate for Sunday, and evenings. What would be the impact on your household budget if this happened? Would you continue to work unsociable hours if your penalty rates were abolished or cut?

The Fair Work Commission’s Penalty Rates Case

Why do you support penalty rates?

Tell us why you think the Fair Work Commission protect penalty rates?

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